Yelp for every dish on the menu

Foodie has reviews for every dish on a restaurant’s menu. Think of the app as a dish decider for when you're at a restaurant. We use ML to algorithmically generate our ratings. So far, we have 250k ratings at 4k San Francisco and Chicago restaurants.
  • Pros: 

    - Much more detailed than yelp for food - Has food guides from different websites - App gets updated frequently


    Can’t think of any. I’m excited for other cities to be added (NYC!) Would be useful when traveling.

    I started using Foodie in SF after first moving. It’s basically replaced Yelp for me. I often find places on Infatuation and then pick dishes through Foodie. It was hard to go back to general restaurant reviews after getting meal-specific reviews.

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  • Pros: 

    I’m always on the hunt for brand new food to explore, and this app does just that!


    Can’t think of anything yet so far!

    I think this is exactly an app that allows those who truly only care about the food quality and experience more than anything else to really filter out everything else. Focusing more on what I want, and the best place to go for that. It’s been helpful in seeing what to avoid, and even convinces me to give restaurants who I didn’t like too much another chance. Helpful to both the restaurant and the customer!

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Hi guys, Vaibhav from Foodie here! We are a team from the University of Chicago and have been working on Foodie since March 2018. We are really proud of our product and, so far, have fully launched in San Francisco (but we take restaurant requests from anywhere)! If you have any questions or would like to reach out, I'm at!
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Seems pretty cool. I'd really like to see a map view of restaurants.
@morgannewman That's an awesome idea. I'll PM you if we ever cook up something like that on Foodie! We do have maps, but it's somewhat hidden in our app and has limited functionality.
Hey PH, Richard from Foodie here. I have never once gotten to the cash register and known what to order. Foodie helps me decide what to choose (like a nifty "dish decider"). Thanks for checking us out, and I hope Foodie can be useful for you, too! We have tons of restaurants in SF and Chicago, but NYC is coming soon. A couple of pro tips: - We have every boba spot in SF on the app -- do you agree with our rankings? - Filter button on the menu page is criminally underused. - Restaurant not on our app? "Tap to Request". Under the hood, we aggregate food reviews that mention dishes across the internet, from food delivery to personal blogs, and analyze them to rate dishes out of five stars. We'd LOVE to get your feedback! I'm at
Congrats on the launch! Been amazing to see the team and product grow 🔥Foodie has been one of my default way to pick whats best on the menu.
@bouazizalex Really appreciate it Alex! Thanks for being there since Day 1.
Amazing app, if only it were around sooner! Would've saved me from countless mediocre meals at top-notch restaurants because I didn't know what to order! I don't even look at the paper menu any more, I know my order before I even get to the restaurant!
@joe_fennessey Thanks Joe! It makes us so happy that you don't even look at restaurant menus anymore :D