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I don't want to admit how many hours I've spent mindlessly drooling and scrolling through articles on Food Gawker. Search is pretty great. Often I'll buy something and have no idea what to do with it. I hop on FG and type the food item into the search bar & peruse what the internet has done & documented. I've found and adapted some of my favorite recipes from there. Blow your SO/friends/self away with what you can serve up in the kitchen. All you'll need is a bit of inspiration and guidance from FG :)
@stttories As someone who loves cooking and learning new recipes, I've been "obsessed" with this site for a really long time now. It's so perfect! haha
@nikkielizdemere me too! I'm actually really surprised that over the last few years of use it hasn't blown up. It's an insanely great resource, and the sister sites are pretty neat too (Dwelling and Craft Gawker esp.)
this looks awesome. but im pretty sure having 'porn' and 'bible' next to each other is a first. lol. WOW http://foodgawker.com/post/2014/... although someone should chat with them about their SEO. look at that URL structure :/
@benhoffman_ i volunteer as tribute - as long as there are some of those cookies in it for me.
@benhoffman_ @stttories while you are at it, help them with the UX a bit - 9 links on a roll over is staggering, as is the Pinterest "inspired" layout with an ad every 10th or so image. I would imagine there are 3-4 tweaks that would drive monetization up by 20-30%.