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Honestly, I'd rather see pictures of the restaurant. The atmosphere and setting is more important to me in most cases yet Yelp and restaurant websites rarely have photos that accurately represent this.
@rrhoover People eat with their eyes first and that's probably what they're capitalizing on! :) But I see what you mean.
@rrhoover Food spotting did a good job with food and a number of companies have tried to do that. Having done a couple of restaurant related apps, I can tell you for sure that most restaurants have a sub par website, and no real interest in upgrading (same with wineries). Getting good staged photos of restaurants is the big hurdle to anyone trying to organize up that.
I think the guys were probably the original in this space.
Follow up to this - The app was released today, and one of the first reviews is "Love the app! I get to what’s important- the pictures of the food- ASAP. I’ve discovered and eaten at amazing restaurants, all thanks to this app!" Granted could be a beta user, but this is the only app they've reviewed. While I am a believer in getting friends and family to review your apps (and colleagues etc), I think it creating an image of impartiality is important (and helps keep you on Apple's good side.)