Quickly discover the best fonts for your next design project

#1 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2018

FontSpark is a simple tool to help designers quickly find the best fonts for their projects. By randomly generating fonts from a curated list of popular web fonts, designers are sure to break out of the habit of using the same 3 or 4 fonts in nearly every project and discover the perfect fit for their next website or design.

  • Marc Greenberg
    Marc GreenbergProduct and UX

    Easy to use and fast


    Would love to be able to star/heart/save some options and then review/compare my saved ones

    Love the ability to quickly generate and look through lots of options, would be much more useful if I could save ones I liked from within the tool and then see the ones I've indicated on some sort of contact sheet. Thanks for building and sharing!

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  • Rhett Withey
    Rhett WitheyLead Designer for BIGEYE and Askedoo.

    Cool concept, easy to use


    Would like to see options for body copy vs headlines

    I would like to see this integrated with Adobe Typekit too if possible. Really neat concept though and very easy to use.

    Rhett Withey has used this product for one day.
Maybe add subtitle font or other types and use the same way to generate it. Great tool!
@ivandrag Thanks for the feedback! That's a great idea. Perhaps I could have a headline view, which would be similar to the way it currently is, then a body view which could have a heading and a paragraph of body copy.
Nice product, you should add a forward button so that if I jump too far back through previous fonts I return to the one I wanted to see. Right now the only option is to generate again, which randomises the result.
@petersloan Thanks! Thats a great point. I'll definitely start working on implementing that. Thanks for the feedback!
Hello, Product Hunt! I created this simple design tool as a fun side project to help designers discover new fonts. I'd love for you to check it out and please feel free send any questions or feedback my way!
@lukecjohnson great product! One thing I saw was that most of the fonts came from GF, Are u you focussing on Google Fonts or free fonts, or do you also add other not free font, it would be great if you could add a filter for embedable, non-embedable and free and not free fonts. I'm also curious to for if FontSpark is made for body and headline fonts or are you also planning to add a place for logo fonts, it will make it a much more useable tool. I'm sure you just began developing this, but it's a wonderfull tool. Thanks for making this.
@pregenun Thank you for the feedback - I really appreciate it! Currently the tool solely uses Google Fonts and free Adobe Fonts. In the future, I'd love to include more classic, paid fonts, but I struggled to find the best way to include these without going broke. Without using Flash, there isn’t an ideal way to determine what fonts users have installed on their machine, so I’m left to use primarily webfonts. I believe Monotype has a subscription service to use their library which would give me access to fonts like Avenir, Univers, DIN, etc., so I’m definitely going to look into that further. I also currently don’t have a Creative Cloud subscription, but if I did, there would be a much larger selection from Adobe Fonts that I could use. So there is definitely room for some improvement!
Hey @lukecjohnson. The product looks clean. Love the dark mode option. I'm going to add both ColorSpark and FontSpark to my product 👍
@5harath Awesome! I appreciate it!
Latin-only? No way 😞
@aolko I'm definitely planning on adding better support for other languages! I believe some Google fonts have additional support for other languages and characters, but if anyone has any further suggestions for webfont libraries with extended language coverage, please let me know!
Super cool esp. dark mode. A great addition would be keyboard shortcuts to avoid clicking the button when toggling the font + compare options for a few , like 3 selected fonts - otherwise solid product. Good luck!
@jasper_kinoti Great feedback! Thank you! I'm thinking the enter key would be a good keyboard shortcut to add
@jasper_kinoti @lukecjohnson Seems like you added that — nice!
@lukecjohnson definitely, feels most natural