A cloud based phone system for small businesses

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Dear Community, here in Israel, where most of our team is located, the whole country is closing down as Yom Kippur the "Day of Atonement" is starting. So I am going to sign off here. Please leave your comments and I will be happy to answer them tomorrow night when I come back! I can also be contacted at moshe at
@ilankasan That is a great question, that all our investors ask :-). #1 we spent 6 months with a UX company designing a system that anyone can setup in 3 minutes. Other systems require long technical support. That is why the competitors spend up to 2 years of the initial revenue from a customer just covering customer acquisition cost. #2 Only features that 80% of users use. #3 as I wrote above this is a web based system not a typical cloud system and the idea is that data in the cloud will not only enrich the call, but route the call better
@digitalbase Yes, Aircall is similar in the sense that they are taking an innovative approach to telephony, though our implemetations and understandings of how to do it are different. Unfortunately, the innovators are still a tiny minority in the telecom world!
We use at Hunter & Bard and it works great. I'm in California but a lot of my team is in Israel and I love being able to call them direct without having to worry about insane international charges.
Hi All! This is Moshe, the troublemaker behind First of all I wanted to let you know that is for free and will be for awhile for the early adapters. Now to the serious stuff - we worked real hard to build something really new - a web based PBX (small business phone system). In 3 minutes anyone can set up a full phone system which starts working immediately. There is nothing to buy or download. Currently we support browsers that support WebRTC (best is chrome). We will soon be launching an Android and iOS app also. But the most exciting part is to come. We designed this as a web system so you can take any data on the web and enrich the call. At first we will connecting to specific data sources, but in the long term there will be a open API! Anyone who signs up will get access in the next few days. You are welcome to ask me any questions!
@mmaeir how are you guys different from Shortel or Ring central?