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This has been around for several years and has stood the test of time. In my opinion, it's the perfect technology for ADD founders like me.
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Chris Keller
Managing Director, NextGen Angels
Thx guys, really appreciate it. @scotthurff, you'll see some interesting news soon!
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Jason Evanish
CEO GetLighthouse.com for managers
I used it for a couple of years too. Finally got convinced to switch to Boomerang since I email in Gmail anyways. The freemium message count helps for those handful of times i'm not on my desktop emailing and need an email to return. Huge Credit to Chris Keller for coming up with the simplest, platform agnostic solution.
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Scott Hurff
Product Manager & Lead Designer, Tinder
@ckeller is an old friend and really happy to see this still up, many years after inception.
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