Follow the Geeks

The stories of 10 modern-day digital entrepreneurs

Like the idea of this book and it features some awesome interviewees including:- 1. Baratunde Thurston (Chapter One: The Comedian) 2. Lisa Bettany (Chapter Two: The App Maker) 3. Gina Trapani (Chapter Three: The Programmer) 4. Tom Merritt (Chapter Four: The Podcaster) 5. Veronica Belmont (Chapter Five: The Video Star) 6. Om Malik (Chapter Six: The Blogger) 7. Chase Jarvis (Chapter Seven: The Photographer) 8. Juliana Rotich (Chapter Eight: The Engineer) 9. Leo Laporte (Chapter Nine: The Mogul) 10. Maya Penn (Chapter Ten: The Entrepreneur) Look forward to reading
❤️ @jasonhiner and this whole project (can't believe it wasn't hunted before 😱) SO proud to have met so many of these geeks: @leolaporte @baratunde @ginatrapani @acedtect @Veronica @Om
@jsneedles Thanks Jeff! Great to hear that you've met half the people in the book!
Nice find, @daniellenewnham. Reminds me of @helena's recent project, Techies Project. 👋, Product Hunt friends, @baratunde, @ginatrapani, @Veronica, @chasejarvis, and @leolaporte.
@rrhoover Yes, agreed @ryanhoover! Such awesome stories of diverse people and jobs - we need to see more of these! Thanks to @jasonhiner and @lyndseygilpin for putting together
@rrhoover @daniellenewnham Hey Ryan and Danielle, thanks so much for the positive vibes! Thrilled to see Follow the Geeks get product hunted!