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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2019

Teams in startups and large corporations are using Twitter to engage with their users. Finding them isn't always easy. We're hoping to fix that with Follow Team.

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This was the kind of idea that keeps nagging you because you want to use it, but it doesn’t exists. I decided to launch on a Friday in honor of #followfriday As a big fan of Twitter I’m always looking out for great people to follow. When I come across a new product or startup I often think it would be great to follow the team behind it. Unfortunately this is harder todo than it should be. I'm adding teams as I find them, but would love to get suggestions of teams to add, you can find out more about adding your team here: This is an early release, hoping the visibility will encourage more people to submit their teams. As the number of teams increases I will be adding more features related to searching and filtering with categories and tags.
@mubashariqbal Yes! I've had this exact thought and ended up trawling twitter for lists. Thanks for building this 💫
@emilyjsnowdon Thanks Emily!
@mubashariqbal I :love: this so much. Super useful.
@nikkielizdemere That's great to hear! As always if you have any suggestions would love to hear them!
@mubashariqbal Nice product. Would be a nice detail if the Twitter follow button was not visible if I already followed the person.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thanks, look forward to your feedback!
Add your team button doesn't work (((
@nikjara That's strange, working for me and haven't had any reports from others about it not working. What browser/OS are you using? It should take you to this page:
@mubashariqbal GChrome, I deleted my cash, Mac OS
This is awesome @mubashariqbal! 🙌I'd love to see a way to sort the members of the team. By # of followers, # of tweets, etc.
@jonrojas Thanks Jon. Definitely something that's on the roadmap!