iffocusmusic.fm helps you focus on work with the right kind of music. If you're into deep house and EDM – this is for you. 🎧

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I love deep house and EDM. The consistent (heartbeat) helps me focus without the distraction of vocals. When I found focusmusic.fm, I started opening spotify and soundcloud less.
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@jmrushworth Great find! Loving it.
@jmrushworth Excited to give this a try. I am using it for this comment. What do you think? So far I am liking it. Okay gonna go be epic and awesome with these tunes. Catch up with you later.
This is great, can you give it a favicon? I personally like to bookmark pages and just use the favicon for identification, the current blank icon doesn't allow this.
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@jacoplane Have exactly the same problem...
@jonas_petermann @jacoplane great idea, thanks :) just added one for you guys
I love the simplicity/minimalism of the website :) Nice!
This is great. Always combine with rain! E.g., https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachine...
@ryanjamurphy agree! i just use noizio for this :)
Hey @ryanghods! Can you tell us how does focusmusic.fm work?