The new browser tab page that helps you stay focused

Focused is the new browser tab page that helps you stay focused, inspired and productive.

Keep everything necessary in front of your eyes using simple notes, checklists, images, bookmarks.

Your ideas, notes & plans will be kept safely in each new browser tab – just open it. And, of course, you can share your boards with your team in a few clicks.

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Thanks for hunting @yaroslav_dunaev please tell us more of the story behind this project :)
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Yaroslav Dunaev
One-man band
@abadesi Thanks for your attention to Focused! We know how hard it is to stay focused on important things in the middle of the chaos. We created Focused to help everyone be more productive. Focused is your space. Try it for: — setting your goals — tracking your tasks — making to-do lists — tracking team progress — collecting and sharing ideas with others — making quick notes — bookmarking your favourite sites It’s like a physical whiteboard, but you can always keep it with you or your team. Please feel free to give us your feedback and share your use cases!
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