Focals Connect

Connect Focals to chrome to see slides notes discreetly

Simply enter the keypass code from the extension and connect.
Focals Connect gives you control over Google Slides as well as discreetly showing your presenter notes so you can present confidently.
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Excited by this addition. It's a feature I would consider to be a killer use case for the platform (for people who present often).
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@thatmattgardner we think so too !
Hey PH, The North team has been hard at work pushing out weekly releases for our early Focals customers. We've always been excited about the idea of using Focals to help anyone nail their presentation more confidently and so we built a new chrome extension to enable you to connect to Google slides. Once you're connected you can control your presentation with your Loop and see speaker notes as they are available hovering right in front of you! Excited to hear what you think, Sam & North Team
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@d0b0 I pre-ordered in Oct 2018 and haven't received any type of update. I'm located in NC which may have something to do with it. Is their a support address I can send an email to? Wasn't in the reservation confirmation email (order #US-1082).
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@scottwwilliams Hey Scott, will make sure our team gets in touch with you asap!
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Love the idea and looking forward to when my focals arrive to give it a shot! Would love to see a way to use this w/ PPT too, especially at conferences and events where I'm speaking. Much more elegant that a confidence monitor!
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Love seeing Focals grow and all the new features they're adding. Waiting for a pop-up store to come by LA or Tokyo! Also, Google Assistant/Home support would be amazing πŸ™
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