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Solid site. Thats a crowded space to attack. It makes me ask : What is the USP vs. Offset, Death to Stock Photos, Stocksy, MediaBakery, Filter and Format, New Old, SuperFamous, Snapwire, etc? My thought is that your USP is the flat-fee photo. If it were me. I would somehow put that front and center because everyone else has the categories and search bar with some photos shown. Also a personal opinion. The name Foap is short and memorable. You are diluting your brand strength with the addition of Missions and Market on the same hierarchy level as the name. I was expecting to see a big ol' "FOAP" : Real Stock Photos -- Anyway, my 2 cents. Ill def. put ya'll on my list of sites to check for "real" stock though.
I do like the category view, but how is it different than all the other stock photo sites?
@johnmurch royalty free doesn't mean free. Just that you don't have to pay royalties when using these pictures. In this case, only a one-time payment is required. For free to use picture, I'd say you should look for cc (creative common) licensed pictures
It's embarrassing how much time I've spent hunting for the right photo for a blog post. I'm fond of Compfight but Foap also looks very useful. cc'ing @francoismat who used to be working on a product in this area. P.S. Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm immature but "foap" sounds dirty. Curious where the name came from.
Hi guys! I am here for some Q&A's - just shoot the questions and I will try my best to answer. Foap provides authentic stock photos for the social age. High quality photos are not so useful in today's social media channels - they don't speak to real people. That's why we created Foap. "Everyday life", "real", "natural", "authentic" photos excist everywhere - but there is no commercial layer on top of them. That's why we created Foap, a social photo app, attached to a marketplace where normal people can make money out of their photos. Have a look on how Candy Crush is using Foap photos on their Facebook: (The "real" photos are from Foap) Cheers, David