FOX Network's HQ Trivia style live game show

FNGenius is FOX's live interactive mobile TV trivia game show with cash prizes.

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Note the "Powered by Twix" in the app screenshots. Strange choice. 🤔
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@rrhoover Pretty easy for them to come out of the gate with a sponsor. Looks like Twix wrote the biggest check.
Really, really eager to see how this plays out for Fox. It's clear how they can integrate this app with new cable programming, while HQ unfortunately has to build such partnerships from scratch. HQ has the users, but Fox has the larger audience and home-field advantage. Interactive entertainment is going to absolutely explode any year now (Netflix and HBO are already experimenting). If Fox had any brains, they'd be producing a prime-time series to accompany this app right now.
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I think this is one of the first HQ Trivia clones launched by an actual network? Realizing the name is kind of funny as well. Like "I'm an Effen Genius"
T&C: Be aware that options may change while you're answering the questions! Brown → Baseball! wtf!?