Find and book regional flights

Flyther is a platform for finding and booking regional flights. People use Flyther to find regional destinations reachable by seaplanes, small planes and helicopters, and then book flights there. It aggregates the fragmented supply so it is easier for passengers to figure out where and when to go.

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Hi Hunters! 😸 Excited to share Flyther with you. πŸŽ‰ Me and Ed have built Flyther to open up regional travel market to new passengers that never knew about regional destinations and want to explore something new. We believe regional travel is more fun, less stressful and at times cheaper. Flying on a seaplane from one city to a lake near another city allows to skip the airport crowds, crammed planes and conventional destinations. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know! ✌️🌎
Just in time for the long weekend πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Great program if only I had an airfield nearby. Is there an overview map to see where all the destinations are on a map? Thanks
Hi @rmagrino, thanks for checking it out. We currently select the closest airport to you and show all the destinations on the map. The source airports are also listed in the ascending distance from you. I understand that you're asking for a map that shows all possible flight options from all destinations. At this time we don't have that functionality but most of the flights are based out of Pacific Northwest in US and Canada, specifically Alaska, Washington and British Columbia. Hope this helps!
Great app! Any planned flight availability in the UK in the future? Also - are there any available discounts on group trips like bachelor parties?
@p_e, thanks! We are currently focusing on the US and Canada, but may expand into other regions later. Passenger volume discounts for bachelor parties would probably work best with on-demand charter flights, something that we are considering adding to the roadmap.