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Personal experience from yesterday. I wanted Cancun - Madrid one-way. And I needed to return from Madrid to NYC some time around February. They managed both flights with minimum stops and around $400 less of all the options that I saw. Everything for $50. Definitely using them again, no doubt.
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@ompemi Thank you for alerting us that we've been hunted :) And shame on Delta customer service for trying to charge you much more over phone! (We provided special "deep-link" to the lowest fare at Delta website but for some reason it was not bookable and Delta support was not helpful at all. So we found another option for same low price with slightly longer stop). Minor correction: our fee is just $49 for most trips (before any discounts ;)
@flighthack Vlad I'll contact you we found our 3 projects for to Costa Rica in December and I need you guys to find great deals from Europe, Canada and USA to Costa Rica (Liberia airport) on nov.23-24
@demoweb_co @ompemi Awesome! Feel free to use PH discount. Most people will come for a month or longer? Or some maybe just want an one-way ticket? This could be the good case to test our voice support!
How is this different from FlightFox?
@kallefreese Thank you Kalle for interest in Flystein! 
 We are young startup and already cover same features plus we have several new ones in the pipeline like: 
1. Voice support (in addition to live chat - which we had it from day one). We already offer voice support in some case. 
2. Subscription based full concierge service for individuals and companies. Did you have any experience with any concierge/flight hacking services? What would you like to see in a service like Flystein?
It feels like a solution like Flystein was just around the corner. Basically, you send them where you want to go, your busget and your travel preferences, like preffer direct flights. A live person will then do the hard work of searching for the best connecting flights at best prices. There's a flat fee charge on top the ticket price and if you can find a cheaper alternative, they promise to beat it. There's a good write up on real life experience useing Flystein here
@ramtorn We just found out from one of our clients that we were featured here 13 hours ago, which was a very pleasant surprise to us, so thank you @ramtorn and @ompemi! If you are interested in our service, we would love to hear your feedback. Because we really love this community, we are offering a 15% discount to all ProductHunters: So how do we work? We have 2 options for you: - BeatMyPrice: our experts will try and beat the price you already found, by more than a fee, and provide you with booking links, instructions and screenshots about how to book cheaper. You only pay us a fee if we can build a trip according to your preferences and beat the initial price, so there is no risk for you and you'll always win. - BuildMyTrip: We'll take care of your more complex trip. In this case, you use our service so that we can build you the best trip according to your budget and preferences and you don't have to put in the work. For simple trips we recommend you to try our 'BeatMyPrice' option.
Well done guys! Exactly what I need as a digital nomad :)
@poehah Thank you Maarten. @theorm - co-founder of Flystein is full time digital nomad and flies 100K miles every year. So we know very well what a digital nomad needs and all nomads are very welcome to try our service!
Hey guys! Awesome - definitely bookmarking this for next flights. I do have a few questions/suggestions: - what is usually the minimum distance/travel? i.e. >400$ flights? - suggestion: a map or list of the recent requests where Flystein managed to find a really nice deal could be very appealing! Or the average amount saved for popular flights ;-)
@bptstmlgt Thank you for the great suggestions! - Yes, we do recommend to use the service for 400$+ flights, this could be lower for domestic one ways (fee is also lower in that case: 29$). - List sounds like a great idea! We will think more about, often the main factor in the ticket price is not from where to where you fly but the dates of a flight and when do you buy it (imagine some last minute high season reservation)... At the moment some of our clients actually mention how much did they save when they leave a review on Facebook