Notify your friends and family that you have landed safely.

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Hi Hunter’s, we are so excited to announce our public beta and just for you guys, we are giving out 5 notification flights for free, just redeem with PHWELCOME in the app and we are also available for free on web. FlySMS is an automated flight arrival notification platform providing both REST API and apps. Basically FlySMS wants to eliminate that busy airport calling spree, wifi hot spotting and help you to save on international roaming charges, by automatically sending text notifications to your friends and loved ones upon airplane landing. We are available on iOS, Android and Web. And currently in the midst of integration with major airlines and OTAs around the globe, so you could just add custom notifications to your friends, family and colleagues upon purchase of the ticket. We are also developing Messenger and Slack bots as well. Service usage is as easy as a pie: * Pick your flight number and departure date * Enter mobile number and enter your text message or choose a notification template * Confirm your notification * Sit back and relax, once the flight arrives we will send your notification We cover over 1000 airlines worldwide, including KLM, Lufthansa, China Southern, easyJet, BA and many more. With over 4000 Airports worldwide our data cover almost 95% of all civil flights. And your loved ones will receive the notifications instantly, without delay, so most probably you will be just getting out from the plane once they receive them. So give it a try and we hope this will become an essential in any journey.
@toleubaya AWESOME ! My parents will love it!
@toleubaya Love the idea. How does the pricing work?
@falemaster Thanks! Our parents were also very glad that we made that thing 😃
@jevinsew Thanks! So for lovely people on PH here, we are giving free 5 flight notifications, for those who don't travel much that may cover up to 6 month or so. Just redeem using this coupon - PHWELCOME. And for all those who travel a lot, the pricing is very simple, just two types of subscription, monthly is 6$ and yearly is 40$
@toleubaya ahah! Btw Any discount code for a nice son who'd like to make his father a gift of one year subscription ? :p
hello is there an api so i can send flight number by webhook ? I manage a few airbnb appartements, and i store their flight numbers on my tool. About 3 flights per week. I would like to receive a message when my guests lend. Let me know the possibility.
@julia_mesner Hello Julia! Right now we have API for partners only. But that’s totally doable. If your tool can provide flight number, departure(or arrival)date (preferably with time) and optional text of notification via webhook, we can provide API for that.
Looks like a lovely and well thought out tech solution, but begs the question: why? What's the projected use, and income, case here?
@andreasduess Hey, that's a valid question. So we have an API and we are able to integrate with any OTA or an Airline. So currently we are in the midst of negotiations with couple major European airlines as well as OTAs, which are interested to offer this kind of notifications as an add on to the tickets. Something similar to additional luggage or insurance.
Hey hunters, very excited to be here! If you need any help or would like to talk about integration, reach out to us at or directly to me at
Nice idea. I can see the benefit here for frequent travelers. However, that would be great if integrated with another Flight tracking services/apps instead of being a standalone app with this purpose. It becomes another app in which I need to add my flight. Q: Any plans to include more features? Q: I'm assuming that the user should setup the messages before boarding, and you send them to your server before right? So when you land your app contacts all the registered addresses right?
@thejoaosantos Hi, thanks for a great feedback. You are totally right! We don't have intentions just leaving it as a stand alone app. We do have an API and we are currently integrating with couple major OTAs and European Airlines. As well as developing Slack and Messenger bots (though these two most probably will end up as a side projects and will be available either for free or as a part of enterprise package which will come out later this year). And we are open to make a custom solution for those who rent their apartments on say AirBnB or even hotels. As for Q2 you are right, user should setup the messages before boarding and once you land our system will crawl the flight data and automatically send the notifications at the same moment when plane lands, no matter if you are connected to the internet or not.