Open source Heroku on your own servers

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 22, 2016
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I've been impressed with what the Flynn team has gotten done since my time with them at Y Combinator. The cloud hosting and containerization open source world has gotten a lot more complicated and powerful. What is super interesting about Flynn is that they've captured exactly what made Heroku phenomenally great and made it as simple to run on your own servers. This is a refreshing take that is now battle hardened. It's exactly what the DevOps world needs since all the complexity also makes it that much harder for people to get started and get off the ground.
Hey! I'm CTO/co-founder of Flynn and I'd be happy to answer any questions!
@titanous is there any plan for more granual permission? Each app has its own product manager. Would be great to be able to limit user access
@hadifarnoud Yeah, we're working on that right now! Here's our security roadmap:
We've been using Flynn for 6 months now. Cannot be more happy with it. Congrats guys.
@hadifarnoud Thanks for using Flynn, we're so glad it's been useful to you!
but i love duct tape :(
@titanous i'm weirdly turned on right now
This looks VERY interesting if it is what I think it is... testing asap. @flynnscale @garrytan
@elizabethhunker you and me both.. what do you think so far?