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#4 Product of the DayNovember 13, 2017

Flymble is a next generation travel financing platform.

Book your flights for as low as 1/10th upfront and pay them off in monthly instalments, ranging from 3-10 months.

We are now LIVE in the UK!

Use our ProductHunt exclusive promocode for £40 off your next booking: 'FLYMBLE40'

  • Pros: 

    Good for an emergency travel need.


    Thumbs down to anything that encourages spending money one doesn't have.

    I'm a credit scrooge

    Cindy Osborne has never used this product.
  • Pratik Mullick
    Pratik MullickEntrepreneur and Digital Marketer

    Exciting concept with a brilliant website


    Flymble might have potential issues when airlines too start offering similar services.

    I like the concept for credit airline tickets. It has the potential to shape up the airline market, which is quite stagnant at this point of time.

    Pratik Mullick has never used this product.
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Vincent Hus
Vincent HusMakerHiring@vincent_hus · Co.founder @ Flymble
Hi all! As some of you might have noticed, Flymble got a fresh redesign based on the tremendous amount of feedback we got. From landing page to checkout, we tried to process every little detail or adjustment you suggested to build the perfect product, for you. We also built a cool new mobile version, so buying flights from Flymble can now be done on the go as well. For the newcomers, this is what we do: With Flymble, you can easily spread the cost of your flight tickets over monthly terms. Fly from London to San Francisco for instance, for only £28 per month! We started the company last year in May when we were planning our trip to Thailand. Online we found a flight ticket for £500, and it took us 3 months to save up for our trip. When we had saved up the money, we had to pay £200 extra because our flight ticket had increased in price. Flymble solves that problem by letting you pay monthly for your trips - and lock-in air fares months in advance when prices are cheaper. How it works: During the checkout a credit check is performed by our credit provider. Once green light is given, we purchase the ticket from the airlines and send it to the customer. After that, the customer simply pays his monthly ticket price to the credit provider. Currently you can only book flight tickets if you live in the UK, but US and European expansions are following in 2018. As a thank you for your support in our Beta phase, we wanted to give back to the ProductHunt community. With the promo code 'FLYMBLE40', you can all have a £40 discount on any flight you desire. Tell your friends! If you have any feedback on our product, ideas or recommendations, please let us know. We're happy to answer all questions you may have! Best, Vincent Hus and Henry Wynaendts
Drew Meyers
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Founder, Horizon & Geek Estate
@vincent_hus Love, love the potential to help more people travel. That's the core mission of my company Horizon, too. That said, I do worry about a service like this leading a greater percentage of people to increase their debt. Traveling is great, but not sure making it super simple for more people to travel on credit is a good thing for society. I guess if they are going to go into debt anyway, may as well be on travel at least..
Patrick Onyekachukwu Udeh
Patrick Onyekachukwu Udeh@patrick_udeh · Digital Vigilante
I'm not just pained that great services like these take decades to reach most African countries, I'm saddened that one can't even replicate the model here.
Vincent Hus
Vincent HusMakerHiring@vincent_hus · Co.founder @ Flymble
@patrick_udeh Hi Patrick, we completely agree with your standpoint. In our market research we unfortunately have not yet found a suitable credit provider in Africa, however we do believe there is a big market opportunity. We will actively keep looking at expansion possibilities and truly hope one day we can provide our services worldwide!
Katy Le
Katy Le@letrinhdesign · Product Designer, founder RedCat Studio.
To be honest, Flymble is great for checking and booking a flight. Nice design concept, clean and modern. Just 2 things, in my opinion: First: Your process (how it works) look hard to read and it's not enough good contrast. Second: Listing page is nice, just a little thing: when I clicked to view detail, I just hoped to find more information (maybe price detail). But I just saw the same info (flight information) with the different layout, the important thing is price look small and hard to find. Anyway, I really like your product. Some feedbacks above just my opinion. ;)
Vincent Hus
Vincent HusMakerHiring@vincent_hus · Co.founder @ Flymble
@letrinhdesign Hi Katy, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! I took note of it on our whiteboard. We will make sure to take it into consideration in our future developments are we believe the user (you) should have all needed information available at all times.
Katy Le
Katy Le@letrinhdesign · Product Designer, founder RedCat Studio.
@vincent_hus Hi Vincent, thanks for hearing that. I hope to see something new soon
Edward Vasquez
Edward Vasquez@edwardvasquezdr · Founder of
wao awesome concept and idea!
Vincent Hus
Vincent HusMakerHiring@vincent_hus · Co.founder @ Flymble
@crowx Thanks Edward! Appreciate the kind words!
Sam Haseltine
Sam Haseltine@samhaseltine · Pre-sales solution consultant at Adobe
Looks amazing - is there a credit search that takes place?
Vincent Hus
Vincent HusMakerHiring@vincent_hus · Co.founder @ Flymble
@samhaseltine Hi Sam, yes there is. However, this is done by our partner and specifically tailored for flights!