Book a flight for 1/10 of the cost upfront.

Flymble is a next generation travel financing platform. Book flights for just a fraction upfront and spread the rest over time.

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Hi All! I´m Vincent and together with my co-founder @Henry_wynaendts we are happy to show where we have been working on the past 11 months.  With flymble, you can easily spread the cost of your flight tickets over monthly terms. Fly to Bangkok for instance, for only £47 per month! If you have some feedback on the concept, new ideas or design recommendations, please let us now! You will help us improve our beta and build towards the perfect product. I´m happy to answer all questions you may have!
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@vincent_hus Love your idea. What about cheaper flight tickets? (under 500 USD). Will you still be able to buy it? Or there's a minimum cost of the ticket?
@baidoct Hi Tudor! Thanks man! Yes you can purchase flight tickets cheaper than that, but there is indeed a minimum cost of £250 per ticket (in the UK). It actually depends on the financial party that issues the credit which differs per country. In the Scandinavian countries and Germany there will be no minimum :) US It will be $100 I believe.
@vincent_hus That's great. Can't wait to try your service once you release it to Germany.
@baidoct Good to hear!!
@vincent_hus @henry we need this in Italy!
Have you seen Airfordable? They're like you, but US based and not reliant on credit checks.
@creatrixtiara Hi Creatrix! Thanks for mentioning - yes I've read a lot about them, great company! I saw they were also on Product Hunt and will contact them to ask them for advice. From what I've seen it's impressive what they have accomplished so far. The difference between Airfordable and Flymble is that with Flymble you'll receive your ticket right away. Yes we are reliant on credit checks but for customers that do not pass the credit check, we also offer a ''pay before you fly'' installment plan where there is no credit check either.
@creatrixtiara @vincent_hus Is this a hard or soft credit check?
Love the idea. Do you charge interest? I believe the US airlines have partnered with a company. I can't remember the name.
@tjpatel Hi Trishul! Thanks for the support! Yes we charge around 1.5% per month. That is correct: spread payment provider Affirm has started a pilot program with Expedia in the US.
@tjpatel @vincent_hus Your website states: "Pay a one-off fee upfront ranging from 10.5% - 17%, depending on the departure date. We will never charge a dime more than the original price disclosed, no additional interest or fees." Has this changed since this comment? 10.5% - 17% booking + 1.5% per month seems pretty extortionate.
What about France 👋
@leo_bqecker Hi Leo! Yes France is on our top priority list. P.S. I'm not supposed to tell you (since they are our competitor) but is available in France. They offer up to 4 months spread payments and have received a lot of traction lately. Luckily we love competition - flymble offers up to 10 months spread payments vs. 4 Misterfly ;) As for time span: ''soon'' - we are in talks with a financial institution to make it happen.
@leo_bqecker Do you have any thoughts / feedback on the UX / UI of the website?
Awesome, just what I needed! Keep up the good work 🙌🏻
@alexandercitt Thanks a lot alex!@