A crash-friendly, rebuildable drone made from Lego bricks

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Buying two of these so we can battle each other at Product Hunt HQ.
Holly KasunMaker@cholly · COO, Flybrix
@rrhoover Please send video!
Robb WaltersMaker@rwalters · Founder @ Flybrix
Here's a bit of background. The general idea is that Flybrix gives you an open source / open hardware kit with all the components you need to build a variety of multicopters. We give you bricks and plans for three designs to get you started - one quadcopter, one hexacopter, and one octocopter. After that the idea is that you'll have the experience needed to invent your own designs. I'd be thrilled to eventually host user creations on our site or through our app. Ultimately, we're building Flybrix to get more kids interested in science and engineering. LEGO bricks and drones are great hooks for teaching trial and error experimentation and programming. I want Flybrix to be the best way for anybody to learn about aerial robotics. I want our customers to stay curious, explore, and break things. Flybrix is a deep rabbit hole by design -- you can see all of the firmware at Our kits are a lot more than just a toy drone. Each flight board is a powerful hobby computer with sensors, four RGB leds, bluetooth, and an SD card. We pay a premium for an easy to use bootloader that lets you program the board using the Arduino development environment. Our drone is specifically designed to challenge everybody – from grade school to grad school.
Vincent Nallatamby@vnallatamby · Paris - CEO @Tempow
@rwalters very cool idea... and "Imagination Takes Flight" -- really great tagline! Quick question: why PH and not Kickstarter?
Robb WaltersMaker@rwalters · Founder @ Flybrix
@vnallatamby Well, I think we would hope to be on PH even if we had launched on Kickstarter... but that leaves the question of "Why not kickstarter?" (or, presumably, indiegogo, etc) We've watched multiple drone companies make a crowdfunding splash and then go out of business since we started working together in 2014. We think crowdfunding creates unhealthy incentives for companies to invest in marketing hype at the expense of product development so we've been pretty reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. It basically comes down to long term brand association risk and substantial fees against short term marketing boost. We are confident that we could easily sell more kits than we should dare to promise to manufacture in time for Christmas this fall -- so it wasn't a hard decision for us to stick with a straightforward campaign directing public interest towards our Shopify site.
Robb WaltersMaker@rwalters · Founder @ Flybrix
Super excited to share our product with the world today and to be featured here on Product Hunt. Amir, Holly, and I will be around most of today if anybody has questions we can answer.
Elisa Jo Harkness@eliservescent · Innovation Consultant at FABERNOVEL
Love Flybrix! Aside from the coolness factor of Legos, why did you guys choose these as a material?
Robb WaltersMaker@rwalters · Founder @ Flybrix
@eliservescent We started out making drones from balsa, aircraft birch, and 3d printed materials, but LEGO bricks let you snap together new ideas quickly. We make one custom brick with a machinist friend of mine in Xiamen, but all the rest are LEGO bricks we're sourcing on the used brick markets.
Elisa Jo Harkness@eliservescent · Innovation Consultant at FABERNOVEL
@rwalters I love that most of the component pieces are used! ("upcycled"?)
David Feng@davidsfeng · Co-Founder at Reamaze
Great way to get kids into the awesome hobby of flight without breaking the bank (or the equipment). FPV is even more engrossing and way more fun than video games :) What flight controller are these running? @cholly @rwalters
Robb WaltersMaker@rwalters · Founder @ Flybrix
@davidsfeng We wrote our own flight controller building on other open source projects like MultiWii and Cleanflight. You can check out our code at