As of September 30th, 2016, over 10% of registered voters in the US remain undecided. The outcome of this election will effect the lives of millions for generations to come: will we have a liberal or conservative leaning court? Will young women have a role model in America's highest office? Will America stick to its treaties and remain diplomatically engaged with the outside world? If, like me, you live in a reliably blue state, consider traveling to any of the swing states to get involved in the Hillary campaign in the final days before the election. Hitlist has built a simple widget to keep track of flight prices so you can find the most economical place to fly on your schedule.
@gillianim No, Gary is liberal. Hillary is NOT.
As someone who decided who I want to vote for, and why I want to vote for them, I'm getting sick and tired of this election
Love this!!
Nah, I'm good lol