Flutter 3.0

Meet people nearby using ephemeral video.

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There's something really refreshing about @goflutter. Voiceless video forces you to be weird and uncomfortable. This might seem like a negative comment but that method of communication feels the closest I've ever experienced to uncomfortably walking up to someone at a bar. It's authentic. A very interesting bridge between the digital and the physical.
I've met the founders, and they're both extremely smart and very invested in making this product great. I love the idea of using the app to reproduce the feeling of seeing someone across the room for the first time - it strikes me as a huge departure from the other dating/meeting apps I've seen, and seeing how people use it has been great. :+1:
This is an awesome new dating/get to know people/find friends app that is sort of Tinder meets Snapchat -- well worth checking out
Congrats on the LAUNCH Festival win @ninjudd @activeash and the @GoFlutter team!
@nivo0o0 thanks! Launch Festival and going through the Launch Incubator was an incredible experience. I’m persistent: this was my 3rd time applying to the incubator :) The opportunity to work closely with @jason was so valuable for us. The pitch and product came so far over those 12 weeks because we were pitching to world-class investors every week. We also made a ton of great friends at awesome companies that we’ll have for the rest of our lives. I can’t recommend it enough (and keep applying if you don’t get in the first time).
@ninjudd saw you guys at launch, you're presentation was incredible! Nice work on the release and all the praise from the judges!
Flutter's evolutionary journey over the past 8 months has been spectacular, and I'm beyond happy to be one of the driving forces behind it. Justin and I work very hard in our own lives create the most authentic experiences with ourselves and others every day, which inevitably shows itself in our product. By making the decision to be a social application, it lets people define how they use Flutter, rather than us pre-defining the context for them. When we went back to the drawing board and remembered why we starting building this in the first place, it only made sense to pivot away from the dating market specifically, and indirectly let that be just one of its use cases. There is no denying how the vast innovation of technology is shifting the way the world works. From robotic coffee cafes, to self driving cars and now drone delivery! But there is one thing that must remain the same: human interaction and connection. It's what creates lifelong friendships, builds families, and brings new generations of babies into society. I'm sorry, but a robot just will not suffice for this! When you use Flutter, you get to watch all kinds of people express themselves authentically, you can connect with them by opting in to match, and then can engage face to face to actually get to know each other. Not a single app uses the methods of human psychology and biology like we do, to bring people together in the most raw and real ways. We look forward to hearing everyone's feedback and comments!