A full set of 965 icons that are Fluent in your design language. These consistent icons are ideal for use across apps, presentations, websites, and infographics. Featuring a fun, yet professional look that everyone will enjoy. Free for a link!
icons8 釋出超過 900 個 Fluent Icons 系列免費素材,Logo、食物、電子商務等各類型都有對於有在關注 icons 素材的人說,icons8 這網站應該很熟悉,一直以來都持續提供不少免費素材,只需要在使用網頁中註明指定連接,就能完全免費的使用。最近他們再度推出全新 Fluent Icons 系列,靈感來自微軟的 Fluent 設計,數量高達 965 個,從知名網站的 Logo 如:Facebook、Apple、Instagram 等,到食物、建築物、電腦相關、文化、電子商務、檔案等等都有,每一個都設計的很有質感、漂亮。 進到 Fluent Icons 網頁後,下面就會列出所有此系列的免費 icons 素材,基本上都是 PNG 格式,但某些還會提供 SVG 格式。免費版能下載使用的 icons 尺寸有限,如果你想要有更多選擇,以及不想於頁面中註明 icons8 的網址,可以考慮付費訂閱: 主要有六個系列,分別為「User Interface 使用者介面」、「Healthcare 健康照護」: 「Food 食物」、「Hands 手勢」: 以及「Business 商務」和「Other 其他」,每一個分類右方都有註明多少 icons,Other 最多,高達 937 個,點擊 Show more icons 可查看更多: 以 User Interface 為例,頁面下方會列出這分類所有 icons: 找到喜歡的之後,點擊它,即可看到 Download 下載功能,也提供嵌入 HTML(Embed HTML)。另外,如果這個配色、圖案你不喜歡,也有提供線上編輯功能: 下方 Other Styles 可變更其他風格設計: 左側還有 Recolor 更改顏色、Overlay 其他物件、Text 文字,以及加入特效等功能,讓你輕鬆製作出最符合自己需求的 Fluent icon。完成後按 Done 就會儲存起來: User Interface 只提供 PNG 格式,免費用戶最高只能下載 100px 的解析度,往上就必須升級成付費版: 記得你必須於會使用此 icon 的網頁中,註明 icons8 的連結,才能免費使用,個人推薦可以直接加入到網站的 Footer,這樣最簡單: PNG 背景都是透明: 此頁面可以查看到所有 Fluent icons 分類,Popular 和 Logos 這兩個有 SVG 格式: Blush 提供大量免費插圖素材(商用、個人皆可),還能線上調整背景顏色、插圖內容
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Dear ProductHunt, sorry for not writing for a while 😂 Meet Fluent icons, inspired by Microsoft's Fluid Design. We started drawing them a while ago; today, we've reached 965 icons. We love how these turned out and are excited to see what you make with them. Style It'd call this style "enterprise fun." On one side, it has bright colors, gradients, and rounded corners. It even has the LOL Surprise icon: On the other side, it will look in line with the new Microsoft products. Hint From what I know from our clients, replacing the icons is the cheapest way to make software look 2020. Free vs paid Free to use commercially with link attribution, or grab an Icons8 Pro subscription to get crisp SVG icons!
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I may be biased, but I think these will become the go-to for making a modern presentation, landing page, or infographic. For years I have found myself using monochrome iOS icons more often than anything else, simply because they are ensured to look professional anywhere. These Fluent icons find the perfect modern replacement, providing some visual pop without looking too artsy or sacrificing utility. ✨
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@tylerlastovich I agree. For years, our Color style https://icons8.com/icons/color was the most popular one, by far. There're startups that built identity around it. For example, Verbling has dozens of them per page, and virtually no other graphics. I feel that Fluent is an upgrade to that style. I don't feel it will become more popular instantly; it has to win the hearts of designers and likes of Google ranking algorithm. But it's a nice upgrade.
Congrats on releasing a new style, it looks great! Icons8 library is getting more and more diverse.
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Fantastic subtle gradients!
@margarita_ivanchikova111 you must be a pro to even notice them!
@margarita_ivanchikova111 this is what stood out ot me the most. really well done
They look absolutely gorgeous!
@rustoffee Thank you! You too!