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Search and discover books that help you grow. Find any book in any language and start learning something new today.
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Link to GoodReads on the book info page would be nice.
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Hi ProductHunters! πŸ––πŸ» I've worked on a new side project called FlowReads. It uses the google books API and allows you to search for any book. This is the MVP version. If many people like it I will add more categories and built more features. Got feedback or ideas for improvement, let me know! If you got a nice book you think I should add to the 'handpicked' section, leave it in the comments. I will add it to the list as soon as possible πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking it out!
Maybe offtopic, but how is this project "powered by Google"? Hosted on Google Cloud?
@baidoct It is using the Google Books API. With the search field you can find any book that you can find on books.google.com. One of the reasons I decided to built this is because on Google Books I found it quite hard to look for specific categories and the interface is sometimes confusing. Tried to simplify it and focus non-fiction books.
I liked the idea, but when I checked it out I found unavailable data due to Google API quota and I have to check the web site tomorrow to check the content that I am looking for...
@rami_ebeid I'm sorry! The daily usage of the Google Books API is more limited that I thought.
@jake_prins Thanks for your reply, it works and actually I found good books
@rami_ebeid Nice! πŸ™‚