A new way to send flowers.

Designed to shake up the ways and whys we send flowers, Flowelring allows users to send flowers anytime, anywhere in a moment's notice via their iOS device. Flowerlings bud, bloom, and wilt in real time with a lifespan of eight days...digitally! And, with every Flowerling sent, we plant a live tree in Madagascar-over 25k trees and counting.

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I don't fully understand; is this app just to send a digital photo of a flower?
@_jacksmith Hi Jack. Thanks for the question. You can send a Single Rose, Bouquet or Plant from Flowerling. All will age in real time digitally right on your iOS device! The gif in our profile shows a time-lapse of a Single Rose over its 8 day lifespan. So it is more than a picture of a digital Rose. It is a Rose that will age digitally over 8 days. And for every Flowerling sent, we plant a Real Tree in Madagascar. It is a win-win when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. We also have a beautiful selection of Bouquets which were designed by our own creative team. They too will age in real time. Plants you can keep forever as long as you continue to water them when needed - just like the real thing. You can try it out yourself. The app is Free and we are currently offering a Free Trial. I hope this answers your question.
Hey @redteece & @pericles_rellas, How are things going with Flowerling? How many trees have been planted? What made you want to start this app? m
@redteece @jacqvon Hi @jacqvon, Thanks for checking in. Things are going well. We have planted 25,397 to date, which is a small forest. We are really excited about that. Here is a short synopsis from our Founder @redteece: It would be great to say Flowerling was born from learning about the disruption of other industries, or insights about millennials, but like many great inventions, the Flowerling idea was stumbled on in a totally different way. The reality is that Flowerling was born out of a frightening realization by our Founder that cats are allergic to some flowers (in this case Lilies were the culprit). After a terrifying experience, there were no more flowers in her home, Tiffany missed them and the first steps on the path to Flowerling were taken. A small team and strong concepts for the app weren’t far behind. Flowerling was born.
@redteece @jacqvon @pericles_rellas where are these trees being planted?
@redteece @jacqvon @shimmb Hi Simon. All the trees are being planted in Madagascar through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Project. The app includes a geolocation map so you can see where the planting location is.
I love the mission of this — reducing carbon footprint and putting a smile on someone’s face. That’s awesome. It can be a little confusing simply b/c there seem to be so many pieces, I end up with so many questions like — are the bouquets real or digital also? The trees planted are real, right? Any pictures of the real trees? What do I do with the roses once they’ve died on my phone? ..these could easily just be questions I think about while everyone else is clear on what’s going on haha
@codecamcode Hi Cam. Glad to hear you love the mission. You got is right - reducing our carbon footprint while delighting our users. Each Flowerling Rose, Bouquet, and Plant is professionally curated and photographed by our own floral stylists and design team. Photographs are rendered using our proprietary IP, creating the real-time, digital aging that unfolds for the user over eight days. This unique interface allows users to experience real-time aging of their Flowerlings via their iOS device. For wilted Flowerlings, options to add food or water to extend their lifespan are available. There is no other app experience like it in the world. Included in the app is a geolocation map which indicates where the trees are planted in Madagascar. The app automatically composts dead Flowerlings and sends you a message as such. I hope this answers your questions. Please give it a try. The app is free and right now we are offering a Free Trial. So nothing to lose.
So excited that you all are loving Flowerling.