Click-and-type sticky notes for effortless website feedback

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Flowcast has been super useful for getting feedback to web developers. It goes a step above Invision in that you can actually interact with, test and leave comments on a site whether it's in development, staging and production.
Thanks for the hunt @robjama :)
Thanks for the hunt @robjama! Hi everyone! I’m Valentin, one of the co-founders of Flowcast and we’re really excited to launch on Product Hunt. We started Flowcast because we wanted to make it really easy to give and get feedback on websites you’re working on. We looked around and saw designers giving design feedback directly on top of designs with tools like inVision and developers giving code feedback directly on the code with things like GitHub. We decided to do the same thing for product teams working on websites. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Flowcast, and we’re happy to answer any questions! Also, to show our love for the Product Hunt community we’re giving 25% off to everyone that signs up today.
@vstaykov I'd love 25% off - how do I claim?
@akingcreative You already did :) Everyone that signs up today will automatically have it added to their account.
Super happy to say i'm one of their first customers. This is how a design-noob like me can give useful feedback to my team.
This looks amazing. I'm so excited to use it with my clients.
@akingcreative Thanks Alex! Would love to hear how that goes - you can always shoot me a note at valentin@flowca.st
Loving the web app! It’s way more convenient; really glad to see you moved away from needing the Chrome extension. Why did you require it in the first place anyway?
@mimurchison Thanks Mike! We actually started off building a way to share your local host. When we decided to build out Flowcast in it’s current form we just kept building on top of it so it kinda stuck around. Once we got notes working well, we transitioned away from the extension as the main interface. It’s still around though if you wanna get feedback on a local site :)