Flow Lines

Mathematical art SVG creator with infinite variations

#2 Product of the DayNovember 15, 2019
Open source SVG generator that uses mathematical formulas to generate infinite number of vector artworks. Features:
- Download your creations as SVG files
- Mark designs as favorites during each session
- Social sharing of exact results
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4 Reviews3.8/5
Hello, makers and hunters! I've been creating a few open source tools for making CNC friendly SVG designs and this is my latest product. It is a browser based tool that allows anyone to generate cool SVG graphics based on mathematical formulas. The resulting SVGs are perfect for marketing materials, CNC machines (laser / milling / plotters) and poster making. Let me know what you think and share your creations here or on Twitter!
Love it! Might use this to create backgrounds for my next PH launch.
@yapartase please do!
This is super cool, great work @msurguy ! It would be rad if you could click "animate" and step through the sliders to create gifs 🤓
@alxcnwy thank you for your suggestion! Feel free to describe the feature in more detail using GitHub issues : https://github.com/msurguy/flow-...
This is really great. I wish i had the knowledge to put some expression in it. However, can i sell the downloaded SVG commercially? Is it allowed? Do you have plans to add more feature in future?
@shemul Also interested in the same
@shemul as with any of my MIT licensed generators, you can sell the result and I’m only happy to make you rich-er. I would appreciate it if you support me through KoFi, Patreon or GitHub sponsorship if you do end up making money off of it, it just helps me buy more of my own time back to make more stuff!
@msurguy That's really great Maks, i will surely do. Thanks a bunch! Love & Peace!
Really neat & nifty tool, and comes with all the important features to make it actually usable. Nice work!