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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 18, 2018

Completely reimagined: The new Flow for iOS gives you faster, more powerful work management, and team collaboration superpowers on the go.

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  • Alex Heeton
    Alex HeetonProduct & Technology consultant

    Tonnes of improvements over the old Flow app


    Haven't found anything yet - lots of polish generally

    I recently updated and have been loving it so far. As the makers say - this brings some of the design elements inline with the web version which is a welcome addition.

    Great work!

    Alex Heeton has used this product for one day.
  • Brian Benitez
    Brian BenitezCreative Director @ Spoke

    Fast, Simple, Easy to use


    Didn't have this in my hands sooner!

    Another brilliantly executed product from an awesome team. This has immensely improved our workflow. I'm always looking forward to seeing what the Flow team ships next!

    Brian Benitez has used this product for one year.
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Jesse Herlitz
Jesse HerlitzMaker@jesseherlitz · VP of Product, Flow
What's up Product plonkers? Y'all like apps? We just released a total rewrite of Flow for iOS. This baby is faster and fancier than ever, built for the future and reimagined for the present. Building on top of the massive updates from the desktop redesign, we wanted to make the perfect on-the-go companion for Flow. All the navigation simplifications that came with the desktop redesign are here, along with some really handy improvements to help you answer that question, find that task, and capture that idea faster than ever. Give it a go and tell us what you think!
Kesava Mandiga
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
@jesseherlitz 👏 I've been waiting for this for a year now, ever since I met @screenshake at Starbucks and learnt about the redesign. And I don't even use an iPhone!
Kesava Mandiga
Kesava Mandiga@k3sava · Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Now to find a friend who has an iPhone so I can try the new Flow... 😀
Jesse Herlitz
Jesse HerlitzMaker@jesseherlitz · VP of Product, Flow
@k3sava thanks for keeping @screenshake company. I've known him for a few years now and still have yet to meet him in person! He's the best.
kimia hamidi
kimia hamidi@hkimia · Founder
This is great! I used to log on through my browser (which was ok but not ideal) but having the app is going to be a game changer!
Pedro Wunderlich
Pedro Wunderlich@pddro · Maker of oddball apps (3x ❤️ by Apple)
Flow is a game changer, both in design and functionality. I manage multiple projects at once with multiple teams. Flow let's me have a 10,000 foot view of everything that's going on, but still go microscopic with each tasks, and it's timelines. Speaking of timelines, Flow has the most beautiful timeline view I've ever users. It keeps everyone in the know of when everything is due in a beautiful package. A joy to use every day! App was the weak link. Glad to see beautiful thing come to life. Finally.
Aidan Hornsby
Aidan HornsbyMaker@aidanhornsby · VP Marketing @ Flow
@pddro thanks for your kind words Pedro! So glad that Flow is working so well for you and your team. Please don't hesitate to share any feedback you have on the app once you've ben using it day to day.
Vladimyr Yeremenko
Vladimyr Yeremenko@chellius · DevOps engineer
i will try this app with my team. I really liked this idea!
Alex Fox
Alex Fox@alexxfoxxuk · Creative Technologist
Looks interesting. When I try to login with Google, after I select an account to login with I get sent back to the Flow login screen with an error: There was a problem authorizing with Google Allow Google login by connecting your accounts in Flow's account settings. What can I do?
Aidan Hornsby
Aidan HornsbyMaker@aidanhornsby · VP Marketing @ Flow
@alexxfoxxuk hey Alexx! Unfortunately, logging in with Google will only work once you've connected your Google account to Flow during sign up in our web app. I've just spoken with the team and we're going to try and make this clearer in a future update. In the meantime, you can sign up for a free account at getflow.com. Please let us know what you think of the app!