Powerful, beautiful, easy data visualisation

Flourish allows anyone with a spreadsheet to produce stunning interactive data visualisations and stories.

Non-coders can produce jaw-dropping maps and visuals in minutes, and developers can makes new templates, providing unlimited flexibility and power.

Created by Kiln.digital, one of the world's leading data visualisation studios.

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Hi folks, Super excited to be launching https://flourish.studio today! Flourish makes high-end data visualisation and interactive storytelling available to anyone with a spreadsheet. As a company, we've spent years making bespoke data graphics and stories for everyone from Google to the Guardian (where I used to be a data journalist). This was great fun, but bespoke work is very slow and very expensive. Hence most people with data are still stuck with Excel and Powerpoint. Flourish aims to change that. Non-coders can easily create stunning interactive animating graphics by connecting their data to an ever-growing library of powerful templates. And developers can create new templates, creating unlimited flexibility and power. Here's an example Flourish presentation showing all the Products feature on Product Hunt in 2017 – thousands of data points made available in a rich explorable form. https://public.flourish.studio/s... You can use Flourish for free publicly, and until Feb 14 there's a 50% discount on our private plans. Today is just the start and we want as many ideas and suggestions as possible – and feedback good and bad. So do let us know what you think! Duncan
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@theduncanclark Great work Duncan! This looks very familiar to me, as we've been working on a similar tool since ~2015. The only difference here being the content type (media vs data), hence different kinds of interactives, and the business model.

Used to gag every time I opened D3.js Github page, forcing myself back into the horrors (and 'possibilities') that is blank-state data viz. Don't get me wrong, D3 is super nice, but it's just A LOT OF PRE-WORK. More often than not I end up not using the data, even though it'd make a really nice segment on the landing page, simply because I can't be bothered with starting up a fresh D3.js file. This seems like a life-saver.


Lots of examples to start with, and FREE for newsrooms it seems!


Would be nice to have GIF exports of animated graphics for sharing

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Thanks Roman! And yes free for Newsrooms thanks to our partnership with Google News Lab. We have plans for video and gif exports. It's complex but doable. Watch this space :-)
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Recently tried a bunch of data viz tools, this is the nicest


Super easy to create interactive viz, including rotating globes, maps, etc


First have to find your data - tho this is always a hurdle in data viz

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Great job !! Will check it out 😊
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@ayush_chandra Thanks! Let us know if you have any questions…
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