Floor Plan Agency

Architectural floor plans for your Airbnb listings

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A simple floor plan communicates transparency, clarity and trust.
The floor plan is one visual that adds up all information and can be critical for a guests decision to stay at your place or not.
Get your floor plan for your Airbnb or Booking.com listing.
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Bruno Crosier
Bruno Crosier@brunocrosier · I have no idea what I'm doing 🐕
neat idea. btw you might want to buy up floorplan.agency real quick before you get domain squatted.. !
Daniel Porte
Daniel PorteMaker@danielcal
@brunocrosier Thank you Bruno. And thanks for the heads up.
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
You can easily draw one use coohom for free. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Daniel Porte
Daniel PorteMaker@danielcal
I created this to scratch my own itch. Having made some bad (and also good) experiences when entering an Airbnb by being surprised of the actual space encountered, I thought that a simple floor plan layout could have cleared away all these wrong expectations.