Design and visualize your dream home in minutes.

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Coohom is an interior design platform that lets you create a floor plan from scratch, drag and drop 3D models to design your room or house, and visualize the end output in seconds in high-quality renders or VR.

  • Pros: 

    The photo realistic rendering looks promising. It's definitely some thing I would recommend to my interior designer friend.


    It already has a lot of 3D models, I wish it could have more

    Rendering is nothing but easy. This platform makes it super easy to create a interior design and generate high resolution rendering image with it. according to the website, they can render a photo realistic image in seconds.

    Toby has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Fresh user of Coohom, easy and interesting interior design tool. Great for virtual DIY.


    There's not much tutorial or onboarding things

    love to recommend to my friends

    Ryan Fabregas has used this product for one week.
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The state-of-the-art rendering quality is really cool!!!
Zhicheng Chen
Zhicheng Chen@zhicheng15 · SHU
Thank you for bring us such impressive product.😄
Kareem Azees
Kareem AzeesMaker@kareemazees · Marketing & Product Growth
Hey PH, Kareem from the Coohom team here. Coohom is an interior design tool to help everyone create beautiful spaces that they enjoy living and working in. We built Coohom for homeowners 👪 and interior designers 🎨 who are frustrated at not being able to realistically visualize their space, as well as retailers, who are looking for new methods to showcase their products to their customers. Unfortunately 😔, we don’t have access to a public trial of the pro version, but sign up to Coohom and put your email down on our exclusive PH-trial list with the same email and I’ll be sure to get you access for 7-days 🙌.
Olivier El Mekki
Olivier El Mekki@oelmekki · maker
Congratulations on the launch, it looks great :) That's quite a leap from the actual product, but do you consider doing it through AR as well, at some point? Two times already, when I explained what Hololens and MagicLeap was to (non tech) family members, their first reaction was : "oh, that would be great to see how a sofa would fit in before buying it !". There may be a market there : selling phone AR features to furniture resellers so that their users can see their furniture in their home before buying them.
Kareem Azees
Kareem AzeesMaker@kareemazees · Marketing & Product Growth
@oelmekki Thanks Olivier! We're launching our iPad version near the end of the month, which will have AR features as well. Right now, the capability is to augment an existing space with the 3D model they've created in the app. If you're interested in trying it out, I can get you in on our beta - join our list here:
Ken Ron
Ken Ron@ken_ron
really cool! helpful to my new house decor
Kareem Azees
Kareem AzeesMaker@kareemazees · Marketing & Product Growth
@ken_ron Thanks Ken!