Send stunning flowers from NY's and London's best florists

Send stunning flowers from New York's and London's finest independent florists. Instead of relying on generic filler flowers, Floom sources high-quality arrangements from local florists.

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Thanks for posting Nick, great to be on Product Hunt. Started 2 years ago, Floom is an online marketplace that makes it easy for people to send quality & unique flowers from local independent florists to their friends, colleagues, loves ones, and to themselves! I was born in Paris, raised in Bali and lived in California, Melbourne and now London, but when I wanted to send love in the form of stunning flowers to the friends I’d accumulated along the way, I was always faced with standard, mass produced options by the large conglomerates who owned the google listings. So I started Floom - our mission is to showcase the true skill that our artisan florists bring, and give the customer a truly seamless buying experience all the whilst championing seasonal blooms over the more commonly known and mass produced varieties that have huge negative implications on our environment. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks for checking us out! Lana
Just signed up 📩 I love discovering new services that help connect local businesses reach new customers online - AND it's available in London!! Will definitely be using for my next flower send. 💐
@ems_hodge so pleased to hear you like Floom and will be trying us out. Expect the journey will be seamless but do reach out if I can help at all! L
Whoaaa this is gorgeous! Love the design and feel of the website, I'll definitely be ordering from here in the future. Quick question - is an app version in the works? Would love to order from my phone!
@sam_piggott thanks Sam, we’re very proud of the design and constantly iterating to make it feel seamless for the user - so very pleased to hear you like it. No app yet but it’s in the roadmap!
I’m an avid user of Floom. Not only does their efficient service allow me to send hand-crafted bouquets created by local florists to my friends in the UK and overseas, they also provide a streamlined visually pleasing shopping experience.
@brooke_mccord we love it when our customers get what we’re trying to do. Thanks for your lovely comment!