Floating Cloud

A magnetically levitating ambient lamp.

#5 Product of the WeekAugust 07, 2017
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I adore this but sadly $4,620 is too steep for this gal's pockets. Any chance of a cheeky PH discount? 🙃😻
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@ems_hodge +1. A cheeky PH discount of $4,000 would nearly seal the deal for me.
Wow, what a thing for the 1% folks, what waste of money. Make a charitable donation instead.
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Cool, but not $4,620 cool. 🙃
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It should rain and make a rainbow for $4,620
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My cat will LOVE to play with this marvellous new toy
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@roman_dubinin $4,620 is an expensive cat toy.
@ninjinka Exactly my point: if you have pets, kids or you are just clumsy - this $4.5k investment will not survive an even couple of days...