Intelligently integrate language learning into web browsing

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Hello Product Hunt! We envision FlipWord as the laziest way to learn and retain a foreign language throughout your daily life. We found that tools like Pleco are great and Duolingo are fun, but each requires too much effort for the learner to study regularly. Today, we are proud to launch an experience that delivers both fun and effectiveness, removing the mental effort to study and continue studying for the long term by integrating lessons into your daily browsing, seconds at a time. We have selected Google Chrome as a starting point, and are in the process of developing Android and iOS apps. In addition, we are raising through a campaign to help us keep building at https://republic.co/flipword. Here’s what makes FlipWord stand out: - In-context material - Intelligent word replacement - Natural, automated spaced repetition - Embedded quizzes - Speech practice - Native language videos … all without opening an app For a limited time, we are raising on https://republic.co/flipword. You can invest as little as $20 to be part of our journey.
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This is a brilliant idea. Well done guys
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@steerj92 Thanks a lot John! We'll be looking forward to your feedback
Safari would be cool but this extension alone might be able to make me convert to Chrome. I had a similar idea couple of months ago but it wasn't this advanced. Recommended for literally every person on Earth
@noxowe Glad to have you on the Chrome train! We want to master the experience on one platform, and then quickly replicate everywhere. We very much hope to benefit every individual, and bridge otherwise disconnected communities
The idea is totally amazing in its simplicity. Having about 15-year background of teaching languages behind me, I deeply believe that this way will work effectively for many modern students integrating studying naturally into the process of surfing the net. I'm already keen to try it in work. Good luck to all your team!
@myalanska Thanks for the support! We deeply believe in it as well, using it ourselves. We are constantly tweaking the algorithm and adding new stuff. Please let us know all your feedback!
Super cool. FlipWord changes individual words in your every day browsing to help you learn a new language 🤗
@nivo0o0 Thanks for the support! We think it's pretty cool too :)