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Good morning Product Hunt! Just hit submit on the fourth generation of Flipboard. Would love to hear what you think! From our blog post this morning: We've re-imagined how you use Flipboard on the phone and built it around those passions that define your work, life and play. At the heart of Flipboard 4 is a powerful new capability: Smart Magazines which can be deeply personalized for the things you are most passionate about so that you can see the best stories being curated by editors, influencers and other enthusiasts who share that passion. With over 30 million magazines created, thousands of publishers on our platform, and tens of thousands of topics—plus input from social networks like Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn—it was time for a more organized (yet still beautiful) Flipboard. Long-time readers who follow lots of content should find a more streamlined experience, while new users will be able to dive right in with minimal setup. Whoever you are, or whatever you're into, Flipboard 4 organizes the world's stories by passion. Highlights include: + When you open Flipboard, swipe left to pick your passion, and we'll create a Smart Magazine for each. Dynamically updated and wholly personalizable according to your interests, Smart Magazines blend expert voices, curated sources, and recommended stories to create a beautiful, easy way to keep up on all the news around your passions. + New Custom Magazines. Create a personal or group magazine where you can add handpicked stories, or make a magazine that updates automatically with content from any source, person, publication or even Twitter hashtag. + Your new Home carousel houses up to nine of your favorite magazines. Your profile hosts everything else you're following on Flipboard. + The more you interact with Flipboard, the better your experience will be: the algorithm learns from what you follow, heart and add. Liking great content helps your friends and followers, too, as those stories are more likely to surface to them.
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@mmccue I had stopped using Flipboard for a while now. This looks good and worth coming back to. I need to start updating my mag again. :) Space: http://flip.it/yG_k3u
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@mmccue Honestly looks amazing! GREAT JOB @mmccue and Flipboard team!
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@varundave @mmccue Great to hear Varun! I'll start following you!
@varundave @mmccue same, everything had a clickbait title. I wish there was a new source that aggregated and compiled news by topic and mentions like Wild Card used to. It made for such an efficient experience without having to see the same piece fluffed from a different source
@mannyorduna @varundave @mmccue We have been studying the factors that make content "good" and have been relentlessly tuning to make the content experience on Flipboard more satisfying. Our CEO @mmccue has been speaking out on this in the media, and some of that is included in the media coverage for this launch - check it out. We'd love for you to check out the new app and let us know what your impressions are of the content quality you see.
I've been playing with the beta a bit. Biggest difference for me is the depth and customization 4.0 offers around different topics and the videos. I'm curious if video will be an even bigger focus going forward, @mmccue. For example, will you allow people to curate or follow a "TV channel" around specific interests?
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@rrhoover Yes video will play a much bigger role going forward. Everything we launched today will work with video, audio, photos and text. Many of our publishers are adding more video now and you'll see that accelerate in the coming months. Check out CNN on the new Flipboard to get a glimpse of that. Curating or personalizing a "TV channel" or "video magazine" for a passion is very much on our radar.
I've been a huge fan of @flipboard looking forward to trying the latest version :) Also pretty cool video.
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I was a power user of Flipboard. I think its time to come back.
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What a remarkable team of makers @flipboard - the new 4.0 is magical!