A seamless way to capture looping videos on mobile 🎬

flip is a new, seamless way to capture video on mobile. All you need to do to capture a short, engaging video is hold down a button. There's no review, just hold and the video is instantly uploaded and shared with your friends on flip.

Made entirely by a 16 y/o.

Hey Product Hunt! I'm super excited to launch flip, a new seamless way to create and share videos with your friends! I've been learning in-depth Swift and iOS development over the past couple of months, and it's been really fun. After countless bugs, redesigns and betas, flip is finally out on the App Store for you to download and have fun with. I'm currently working on the first big update, 1.1, which introduces Dark Mode and adds more ways to find your friends on flip. Product Hunt has always been a great place to share my projects, with Authstatus and Authpush reaching the top 5, which is why I'm so excited to be launching here. Hopefully we can create a community of awesome, raw and creative videos. Let me know what you think! - William
Awesome app! Is it going to be out for Android any time soon?
@tcodinat I'm looking into it, but I'm much better at iOS development than Android. Wouldn't be happy with releasing a half-baked Android version.
Hey William, nice app.
Hey William, a really great app !