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Thanks for the hunt @percival! Flic is an extra button. You remember those old “favorite buttons” gadgets used to have? It’s like that, but way more advanced. And wireless, now for your Mac. Flic Smart Buttons have been around a since our IndieGoGo launch in 2014 - small Bluetooth Low Energy buttons that save you time. Today we have over a hundred different ways to use Flic in our apps for smartphones. We launched the Mac App today with some of the most useful actions for Flic at home and in your office, e.g. Slack, Timely time management, music control, Keynote presentation clicker and much more. We will keep adding functionality if you like it, including ways to build your own shortcuts. The Flic Mac App works just like our smartphone apps - add Flics if you have any, or create shortcuts to be executed from the notification center (widgets). The app is all free. If you want to buy Flic buttons, use “IMAHUNTER” discount code for 20% off 😃 Excited to show this to the community and see what you guys have to say about it! What do you want a shortcut button for?
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@joacimwe I like smart HW and SW combinations and this is one of them. Great!
@csaba_kissi @joacimwe I love how the possibilities are endless with this!
Can you use the button to execute keyboard shortcut commands?
@swinterroth Not yet, but that is a feature that I hope we will be able to add in the near future.
@antomeie I use a screencasting program and I would love to have a simple button to start, stop and pause the recording. Since the program uses shortcut commands, it would be something I figured could be programmed. I have an example of something similar if you're interested in more info.
@antomeie @swinterroth +1 for this. Would expand the mac functionality quite a bit if this were there
@edholloway @antomeie @swinterroth you can actually use it to execute almost anything on your Mac if you use Keyboard Maestro. KM has a built-in webserver that you can call with the Flic webrequest hooks. Works great!
@mdbraber @edholloway @antomeie @swinterroth Keyboard Maestro is a friggin' treasure trove. Making functionality like what you listed above (and, frankly, a lot of KM's abilities) much more user-friendly would be killer.
Cool idea!
I participated in your crowd fund and was super happy when I received those four buttons. I was similarly sad when I lost the first one outside and couldn't find 😟 I used several ble trackers and it was showing but I didn't see it... Now it's still out in the cold. So yeah very nice product and does what it promises. The only issue is - which cannot be resolved by the makers - thelack of an IoT ecosystem. Be it hubs or smarter wifi routers etc. So relying on my phone is often a bit fickle.
@mckean Thanks for the comment and the kind words! I feel sorry for your cold Flic too, but good thing that you have three left then :) With the Mac app, you don't have to rely on your phone anymore. Perhaps you want to try to attach some of them to your desk?
This is great. I have Flic for iOS but it wasn't awesome because I always had to remember to keep the app running in the background. Flic is now awesome