Flic 2

The Perfect Button - Control anything with a push

Flic makes life simple. It’s a shortcut and life-hack shaped like a button! After 6 years of development, the button has been perfected. Alongside with the Flic 2, Shortcut Labs is also launching an updated Flic Hub Long Range, with Apple HomeKit support.
Thanks @_jacksmith for the Hunt! Flic is a small push button. In the Flic App, you choose what you want to happen when you push, push twice, or hold it down. The most common ways our community uses Flic are to toggle lights and control music. But people are so creative, there are literally thousands of wildly different things that people use Flic shortcuts for! 5 years have passed since we released the first Flic button on IndieGoGo, and 2 years ago we released the Flic hub, a gateway to control your​ smart home or smart office. Now we’re back with the Flic 2 alongside with the Flic Hub Long Range. The buttons have been perfected with updated hard and software while the hub is equipped with Bluetooth long range and Apple HomeKit support. We have some great packages on Kickstarter with great early bird discounts! Please comment with your questions or thoughts and we’re happy to reply! Best of love from the Flic team!
I've been a fan a Flic since they launched in 2014! There's something magical about pushing a button and making things happen. It seems like they've really nailed it with their gen 2 - check it out!