The freight forwarder for modern logistics teams.

Flexport is a full-service ocean and air freight forwarder using modern software to fix the user experience in global trade. Teams use Flexport to track shipments in real time, request and book quotes, analyze reports, and communicate directly with suppliers.

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Hey everybody, I'm Ryan, founder of Flexport. Ask me anything you like :)
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Flexport has assembled one of the most competent teams I've seen in awhile. Looking forward to seeing where they take this.
@stevenbuccini We are pretty good at pop-a-shot too.
Shipments can be a real pain! This sounds like a great solution. Nicely done, @typesfast
Umm this is incredible- as someone who has worked in the import/export space, this is something many people in the industry have wanted/needed for a long time. Best of luck to to the team!
@kane would love to hear how you guys use the product at Brilliant.