Flexiple OpenSource

A free and curated list to find tech talent

Flexiple OpenSource is a 100% free & curated list to find freelance tech talent. No fees, No markups.
These 200 engineers came very close to clearing Flexiple’s stringent screening out of a pool of 16,000+ developers!
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Hey everyone 👋 Firstly, thanks @kevin for hunting us! Understanding how difficult it is for startups to hire top tech talent, we started working on Flexiple to solve it. Over the past three years, we have screened over 16000 developers. Sure, we believe that our developers are amongst the very best. However, we also had over 200 developers who came super close to clearing our curation process. We thought it only made sense to open source the list! These developers have great technical skillsets and are surely a good fit for firms that aren't currently considering Flexiple's core offering. We plan to keep updating this database. If you guys have any feedback for us, feel free to fill this form. Would love to hear from you guys 😃
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Good luck with the launch guys! 😎
@alexanderisora Thanks a lot Alexander :)
Great that you and the team took the time to make this list available and help not only these developers but also other makers and companies.
@robert_zalaudek Thank you for the kind words Robert! Glad you liked our effort :)
Tech talent is hard to find. I am involved with a couple projects where they look for tech talent and unfortunately most of us involved in the project, don't have the tech skills needed for that part of the project. One project is Pynk. they are hiring now. Here's my link for you https://community.pynk.io/t/we-a...