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Flexiple is a network of top freelance developers & designers. With unparalleled access to the best talent in India, we are the most affordable solution vs. other premium talent networks. We offer: -Vetted tech talent -Handpicked recommendations -1-week trial
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Hey everyone 👋 Firstly, thank you so much Kevin (@kevin) for hunting us! We are super excited to launch Flexiple on Product Hunt! Four years ago, we set out to hunt the best tech talent in India and help them work with top tech startups. Tech talent from India has somehow earned a bad reputation (particularly in the West), thanks to platforms encouraging price undercutting through bidding and falsified claims on skills due to no authenticity checks. We resolved to change this perception by curating the top developers and designers from India. Our strategic presence in India gives us unparalleled access to the talent here. In consequence, we now have a 6-stage rigorous vetting process which helps us handpick the top 1% tech talent. All our freelancers are full-time (and not moonlighters), meaning they have taken up freelancing as a career and not just as a source of side income. We are constantly expanding to new geographies and in fact, now have top tech talent across Asia and Europe onboard. Our team strongly believes that remote working is the present and future of work. In line with this, one of our major initiatives is to build a vibrant community around remote working at remote.tools (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). In a nutshell, Flexiple offers: 1. Rigorously vetted developers and designers 2. Handpicked recommendations 3. 1-week risk-free trial period 4. Most affordable solution - typically, $30-80/hr (vs. other premium tech talent networks) Here’s an exclusive Product Hunt offer: hire a freelance developer or designer on Flexiple by the end of November and we will offer you 20% discount as a token of thanks :) Would love to hear your thoughts or feedback. Cheers!
Congrats on the launch. How do you differ from Toptal?
@colinwinhall Thanks Colin! Compared to Toptal, we are much easier on the pocket 😉Also, given we are a smaller team, we offer much better and personalised support, which has been one of the major problems for customers we have spoken to.
@hrishikesh1990 What about the freelancers side? :-)
@colinwinhall Ah! I believe we have a higher 'happiness index' amongst our community members :). The idea is to ensure a humane and a transparent process to all applicants.
Congrats on the launch team!
@reema_bharti1 Thank you so much 😀
Hey Hrishikesh, congratulations on the launch. Having a cost effective solution for design makes a lot of sense and its great to have a talented group of people behind you. Im curious how you determine what makes someone in the top 1% and more about your vetting process as that could be a differentiator.
@jeremy_lu1 Thanks a lot Jeremy! Good question around the 1% metric - it is basis the number of applications we receive. The vetting process is quite elaborate and we have detailed each step here :)
All i see is another Indian out sourcing platform ? correct me if i'm wrong
@jameswalter5 That's not at all true. Our offering is quite specific - we help augment your existing team. Almost none of our engagements are outsourcing projects, rather our freelancers work as extended team members. You can go through a few of our case studies - Peblio, Haptik, CREO to get more context.
@liamjones5 I believe that's an incorrect generalisation. Also, the point here is not to be working with any Indian dev but with a vetted, top developer.
@kim_anderson2 My response to this remains the same as above. The firms we target are looking for good devs and find it tough to cut through the noise on other freelancer discovery platforms.
@kim_anderson2 @hrishikesh1990 still for Indian developers a rate of 35 USD plus is way too much. You can get better devs for cheaper from Eastern Europe and latin americas for cheaper who happens to be in the same timezone as us.
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@susan_acree Again, I would say it isn't correct to generalise. To quote just one example, one of our freelancers, Ankita, was recommended by Dan Abramov for her work through this tweet. I don't see why firms would shy away from paying $35+ for someone of her calibre. Strongly believe that the compensation/ payout should be basis skill and not just geography :)