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Flexihost is Fully customisable hosting plans and fully managed VPS hosted on SSD. The new way of web hosting that fits your real needs. Resources? You only pay for what you need. Hosted in SSD with a fully dedicated team that replies to you in less than 15 minutes. Try for free. Flexi is the meaning of innovation in the web hosting market.

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@jon_snow_pt How does it compare to DigitalOcean etc?
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Besides the usual specs you can get a few different things there like: - Pay with crypto; - Faster support including through Social Networks and a completely different approach, much more extensive; Digitalocean, as they say, is designed for developers. Flexihost is designed for everyone, for the sysadmin, for developers, but also to users that just want their platforms working without worrying about sysadmin management. The prices are also much lower and with more support.