FLEXE Next Day Delivery

eCommerce fulfillment network for next-day ground delivery

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Amazon has spent billions of dollars on their logistics infrastructure in order to bring 2-day delivery to all Prime orders. This has put tremendous pressure on all other retailers to rethink their strategies. Working with Amazon means you give up all of your order, customer data and brand identity. Traditionally, do it on your own required enormous amounts of capital that almost no one other than Amazon has. FLEXE's launch today is a game changer in giving brands like Casper and Tom's Shoes the benefits of a network like Amazon's while allowing them to maintain their own brand identity and relationship with their customers. We're a proud investor, excited to see them take the wraps off this new offering and see them empower more brands to deliver great experiences to their customers.
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@rsarver Thanks for all your support Ryan. Super excited to be launching FLEXE Next-day
I love this... and can't fathom why a brand would go with FBA, now that this alternative is in-market. Really looking forward to watching the FLEXE team grow this offering. It's great seeing other audacious start-ups helping the brand + retail ecosystem chip away at the big, fat, imposing whale.
@rcaucci thanks Rob, the market agrees and brands haven't taken to FBA. its also scary what Amazon can do with all that data to compete by making it into a commodity.
This company sounds awesome. Love layering great UX into these huge / unsexy industries. Also feels more necessary than ever for digital brands looking to compete. Overnight is table stakes.
@mazzeo we couldn't agree more -- overnight ground with nationwide coverage. no seller wants to write special rules to areas they can/cannot do overnight.
Good play. Makes sense. Excited to watch it progress.
This sounds brilliant @fduong Do you guys have your own trucks too? Or do you use local delivery partners?
@kristofertm we do not have our own trucks, we use national and regional small parcel carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS.