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Always been a big fan of customising my Mac the way I like it. There used to be an app called Kaleidoscope that would let you theme your Mac and style it the way you wanted it. Kaleidoscope has been dead for ages, but the customing tools kept-a-coming. Cool to see a new app taking its place. It does everything that Kaleidscope used to do and then some. Flavours is a slick tool on its way to become the tool of the trade.
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Oh my god. Never thought I'd see that again. This looks cool. There used to be a very vibrant theming community back in the day.
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karlbrightUI/UX Developer
@jonnotie Yesss, I was just thinking back to MacThemes and some of the creations that came out of that community for OS X and then iOS. I haven't touched this theming stuff in awhile. Hats off to the team behind this, I can't imagine it's easy.
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This looks fantastic, but sadly no El Capitan support. (not their fault)
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