Flat Icon Generator 2.0

Offline-ready webapp for creating flat, Android-style icons.

#2 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2016
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Hey PH! Hope you find this useful. I made the first iteration a while back when I saw something else on ProductHunt that was similar but only let you choose from certain predefined icons. I assumed there had to be a way to make them algorithmically from any icon, and I was right! This new version has an improved algorithm, works 100% offline (on Chrome), and let's you see your edits in real-time. And it's totally free and open source. Hope you get some use out of it! The company I work for used it for generating their Android logo, no edits required.
Very cool, feature request - allow export for easy favicon.ico generation :)
Hi Ruben, pretty cool, I would move the "Upload" button somewhere in the center. From a UI perspective I think the button top right is to log in or similar. Also if you can hide the download button until an image has been selected. Another great feature would be to have a library of icons so people could test it out. Just my 2 cents. Keep on coding! :)
@rob Thank you so much for the feedback! I do disable the download button, but I don't hide it as I figured since it's an important part of the UI, people might like to know where it is (e.g. how to get their icon) even before uploading. As for the library of icons to test, that's a great idea! I do offer a sample icon for download, but I agree something more robust is needed. I'll work on that!
@rob Added some of these in latest build! Check it out! You may have to refresh once or twice to clear the service worker cache.
@rubencodes SIIIICK... ok, that gets my upvote!! Nicely done!
I might try to use this for a project I'm working on. Amazingly simple and fast.
This is cool project. ;)