Flashcards in your new tab screen

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Neat - hoping there'll be a deck exchange/marketplace. Love to be "lazy" and just download interesting decks to learn something new.
@shobe Definitely Matt! That's our biggest aim on our feature list. I totally agree that it'd be nice to have curated decks from experts, so we'll be looking into that in the weeks and months to come. If you've any other feedback don't hesitate to get in touch.
Hey all, one half of the team behind FlashTabs here. This is our second product of #SixBySix (six projects in six months) after HowsItGoin (www.producthunt.com/posts/howsit...). We're building in public for the six months, you can read about how we built 90% of this in 48 hours here: http://wearecontrast.com/2015/02... The idea behind FlashTabs is to allow you to create a deck of flashcards and be presented with them every time you open a new tab, making learning a part of your everyday life, something you don't have to try and remember to do any more. Any thoughts/comments/criticism gladly received! Thanks.
I'm using both HowsItGoin and FlashTabs and loving them both! Great going :)
@abinav_t Hey thanks Abinav, appreciate the feedback. If you spot anything you think should be improved do let us know!
Good addition to one of my favorite collections by @chrismessina, #ChromeNewTabs. Increasingly I'm seeing creative uses of the browser new tab.
@chrismessina @rrhoover Hey thanks Ryan, appreciate the kind words. It's still very limited as it was a 10 day project, but lots of ways we can add to it in the weeks & months to come to make it even more useful for people. It was actually @chrismessina's #ChromeNewTabs collection that inspired this!
Love this implementation: putting something in a new tab is a great way to build a new habit.
@mijustin Thanks Justin. There's definitely something in this, just need to polish it out and this could be really cool.