Flash Draft on Facebook Messenger

Lightning quick fantasy football! Made by ex-FarmVille team.

Flash Draft is a fantasy football app on the Messenger platform. You play head-to-head with your friends and it's a snake style draft. It takes just a few minutes to select your best 5-player team. And there's a fun twist where you pick players from a random slate of games on the schedule, so that every draft is unique!

I'm Dave, CEO Draft Party (the makers of Flash Draft). We are so excited to finally be launched and posting on product hunt!!! I love fantasy sports and have always thought it sucks that fantasy sports is either such a high commitment - with year long leagues - or so hardcore - with DFS apps that you need to drop cash and execute thorough salary cap analyses in order to win. We created Flash Draft so that people can have fun geeking out over sports without needing a spreadsheet or bankroll. Our drafts are super quick, low commitment and different every time. Try one they are so freaking easy! We're still extremely early in our product iterations and so we would LOVE feedback on what's fun and what we need to improve.
Hey @dave_pekar, @amittm, @danlee29, Can you tell us more about what you've built and why it's awesome?
+1 to Dave's post In our FB Messenger app, you challenge your friends to head-to-head football drafts (or you can play a practice round with our bot). It's a snake style draft and just takes a few minutes to build your 5-player team for the week. We want your feedback across the board - on the live player drafting experience, following along on actual game days, etc. We also have an iOS app (search "Flash Draft") that we recently launched and an Android app is in the works. Stay tuned for more there too.