Create a city guide with help of your friends.

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Flamyngo's pretty designed app lets you create a city guide as either a map or list. The idea is to ask your friends suggestions what to visit (bars, restraurants, etc.) and it pops-up on your list without them having to sign up for anything, only using a whatsapp/messenger link you share. Example friends link: https://www.flamyngo.co/r/zaYb My (web) profile: https://www.flamyngo.co/yvo-schaap Founder: @mhgraven
@yvoschaap Thanks Yvo for hunting us! 🚀 You perfectly sum up the benefit of the app. We've been building this app as the best answer for all those questions like "Anyone tips for NYC? About to go on a trip tomorrow!". Just select which friends you want to ask for suggestions and receive all their favourite places in one inbox, including all the info you need like opening hours, contact info and photos. Remember the days where you needed to search on timelines or within mailboxes? With Flamyngo, the best suggestions from your friends don’t get lost. Flamyngo is just getting started. Curious what everyone thinks! I'm here to reply on feedback :-)
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@think_andreah @yvoschaap thanks for your enthusiasm Andrea! Let us know how that pink bird helped you during your next trip
Sounds interesting! Any plans about Android version?
@alex_rassokhan Yes, hope to launch it this summer too!
Great hunt. Cool UX and a very passionate team that I have great confidence in!
@rutgerteunissen Thanks for the kind words! 😊
Great Idea and execution so far @mhgraven like the clean design and logo. Good luck!
@dashdennis Awesome to hear, thanks!
Love it. Always get this question from friends visiting Amsterdam. And always ask the same question to people living in City X when going there :)
@jaapvannes Thanks Jaap! Many users have created a guide for their own city too, which makes it relevant more frequently. Let me know if this works great for you