A complete domain management suite

FlameDomain is the worlds easiest Domain Management Suite that can handle every issue that you ever had with domains from creating beautiful domain names to setting up a landing page!

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Hey @kwdinc, thank you so much for hunting us. Hello everyone! I am the co-founder and CEO of FlameDomain. I am absolutely thrilled to present you the easiest and hassle-free way to manage all your domain related work under one roof. FlameDomain - Naming the future Unfortunately, the biggest challenge today for the majority of the users when they scale up is the management. Domain management on such such challenge. Most users have domains with multiple registrars, hosting somewhere else, and the email address management somewhere. This is where FlameDomain was born. FlameDomain today is the one of the easiest solution in the market today that can handle the following with an extremely strong roadmap: - It lets you register new domain names - It lets you manage multiple domain registrars under one roof - It lets you manage DNS of multiple domains under one roof. - It lets you create amazingly beautiful domain names that were so far untapped. - It lets you buy amazingly powerful expired domains for your ventures. Not only that, here is our super strong roadmap: - Ability to build a landing page with a single click - Ability to create email address on a fly with a single click - Ability to generate synonym based domain name - Ability to generate Exact Match Domain name. - Ability to manage more registrars. - Ability to manage Cloudflare DNS integration - Ability to create profile page for your domains to sell with your desired user slug - Estibot Integration - iOS and Android Mobile Application - Ability to scrape domains like Forbes.com to find expired domains - Website Uptime Check. Full Graphically Analytical System. - SEO Analytics Stats from Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs. - Future Marketplace to buy/sell/trade domains And many more... FlameDomain can be your ultimate one end stop for anything related to Domains and simple and quick landing page builder. Got questions? Happy to answer them! :) Also if you’ve got a few seconds, talk to us on live chat at our website. We’re going to be online all day to answer any questions you may have! All the best, Udit & Oscar
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@kwdinc @iuditg I was a little hesitant when I clicked this post, but wow! This looks great! Definitely going to check out the membership, too.
@lamaalrajih I am glad you clicked! We are looking forward to it.
@kwdinc @iuditg This looks really good. I will check it for sure. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you. https://www.producthunt.com/upco...

This is one of those much-needed apps which you don't realize until one of your domains is too close to expire or expired

The former happened to me & I am not letting that happen again. Thanks for building this, my friend :)


Helps me to manage all my domains at one place.


Rare UI glitches

Hi @iuditg, It sounds very promising. Well done! Seems really helpful to generate good domain names.
@franzbel Thank you so much Franz. We are working hard on making life simple for people. We are on a mission to help people build the entire website in just 5 minutes from the time of them registering the domain name to building the site :)
Sounds really powerful. Will definitely be checking it out !
@pragati_basu Thank you so much!

Excellent support, nice clean UI and love the vision for the future these guys have !


Clean Interface and Great Support, team seem very keen to enhance it for the future.


As yet none found