Data driven wellness for everyone

Fitnescity offer wellness tests that enable anyone to understand their current wellness profile, as well as track progress. The assessments use clinical-grade equipment and range from body composition analysis to metabolic testing, performance analysis and injury prevention.

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Laila Zemrani
Laila ZemraniMakerHiring@laila_z_
Hi! Excited to be here. Thanks for adding us! **new to Fitnescity? We're releasing a brand new tool for paid clients in a couple of weeks -- the Wellness Score. Want to get a sneak peek at it (free of charge)? Follow us on twitter @fitnescity_labs and Instagram. We'll be posting the access codes there starting from tomorrow!** Quick overview: Our vision is to enable everyone to build a comprehensive, longitudinal view of their wellness. I am myself a long-time Quantified Self enthusiast, and I find it very cool to be able to give people the means to collect data and make more informed decisions. In addition to giving access to wellness & fitness lab tests, our data visualization platform helps you explore your results (i.e. how you compare to people with the same age, gender and ethnicity) and better understand how to use them!
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @laila_z_ & @manishkakati Can you explain a bit more about your product? Is it something people can use just off the app, or do you need to go to a brick & mortar location?
Laila Zemrani
Laila ZemraniMakerHiring@laila_z_
@manishkakati @jacqvon Great question! You do need to go to a location to take the test(s). The online profile helps people understand and explore their results, but the tests are in-person.